Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We are here to help!

* Does CasemiroArts offer phone support?

Due to demand and volume we currently do not take phone calls. We do offer support through email and have a less than 12 hour turn around on those requests (usually 3-12h). Please reach out to us at to get your questions answered and the support you need.

* How long will it take to produce and ship my order?

Our products are printed on demand + 12h for eventual changes/cancellations/custom inquires, etc.

This means that when you place your order, we print that item/s just for you after 12h, one at a time for the best quality!

Our standard production time is up to 5 business days plus shipping time (with exception of RageOn items - these are up to 10, and Printful - up to 7 days)

Specific time frames are available on every product page.

* What are your office hours?

our support is available 24/7 but in weekends answers to your inguires ( e-mail: ) may be slightly delayed.

* I messaged but haven't heard back for 48 hours, why haven't I received a response?

Please check your SPAM folder. Most inquiries are responded to in less than 12 hours, be sure to add our e-mail to white list in your mailbox :)

* The Post Service Tracking Number says delivered, but I haven't received my order. What should I do?

We really apologize that your item was not delivered to you. As much as we would like to have all the items be shipped smoothly, we really do not have control over other possible reasons/factors why an item did not arrive in one's mailbox or home. What we can recommend is that you can check with neighbors to see if they possibly have the package or check your local post office. Most customers who have the same situation like you have found their item either with their neighbors or at the local post office.

There are also times when post service will show the package delivered but they have actually delivered to your local post office to make the final delivery. You can contact your local post office, service provider with the tracking number and they can provide you with more information.

We are also ready to help with any concerns, just e-mail us at

* Do you ship internationally?

Yes. And most of orders are available at as small fee like 12USD, with tracking option, this is faster, priority mail option.

* How do I change my shipping address on my order?

Best to provide actual adress when you place an order, otherwise we can change delivery point only before shipping. (after e-mail with tracking is sent we can't do this, sorry)

* What quality will my product come out?

We do our best to provide top quality products, using high end technology and always double checking products before shipping them to you.

* What is the difference in rageon shirt types?

Standard* Quality - Single Sided print

Standard quality shirts feature an image printed on a pre-made blank garment. The image is printed on the front only and the back is white. Standard shirts are blast printed. *Irregularities under the arms and sleeves may be visible when ordering the Standard option.

Premium* Quality - Double Sided

Premium quality shirts feature an image printed on the front and back of pre-made blank garment. The back is identical to the front unless a secondary image is shown on the product page. Premium style shirts are blast printed. *Irregularities under the arms and sleeves may be visible when ordering the Premium option.

Ultra Premium* Quality - Double Sided - Cut & Sew

Ultra Premium quality shirts feature an image printed on ultra premium quality fabric, which is then cut and sewn. The image is printed on the front and back. The back is identical to the front unless a secondary image is shown on the product page. *No irregularities under the arms and sleeves.


All items are 1 of a kind, hand-made, and printed exclusively for the customer who ordered it.

* What are the washing/care instructions for my all over print shirt?

Sublimated shirts should be turned inside out and machine wash cold/tumble dry or air dry for the best care!

* How do I change my password?

Please send us an e-mail at with acount name and we will send you reset link at your e-mail provided with that account.

* How do I delete my account?

We are sorry that you want to delete your account with us! E-mail us at, we will delete all your information and an account.

* I want to order tons of stuff, can I get a bulk discount?

Yup! Just e-mail us before and we will work out some nice discount for you :)

* Returns:

We will not process returns, cancellations, refunds, or exchanges for the following:
Custom Products -- meaning any user-created product that cannot be restocked.
“White marks” on our all over print products.
Products that have been worn, emit an odor, and/or are not in their original condition.
Product(s) that were shipped to a not-current address provided by you.
Orders which have been delivered for longer than a 14-day period.
Any items(s) returned that have not been approved by our team in advance.

Remember contact us first, and we will work out solution for you :)