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Poczta Polska updated list of countries and methods of shipping (economic, prioirty, by sea / air, type, etc)

- Germany - letters (priority and economic), packages (priority and economic) and GLOBAL Expres;

- Czech Republic and Slovakia - letters (priority and economic), packages (priority and economic);

- Ukraine - letters (economic), registered letters (priority), parcels (economic) and Parcel UKRAINE PLUS;

- Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands - economic lists and economic packages;

- Mexico (by sea) - economic letters

- USA and Canada (by sea) - letters (economic) and parcels (economic).

- big packages (like framed, or canvas) shipping will take longer, buyers in some countries will need to wait, at the moment up to 6 weeks (may change)
- small packages (up to 2kg) shipping worldwide, but delivery to some countries may take longer,

Due to Coronavirus outbrake shipping of some products (canvas, posters, postcards, art prints, etc.) fullfiled in POLAND will be delayed until further notice!

This action if forced to us due to government closing our country borders, and disallowing worldwide shipping by Poczta Polska. 

Date starts: 16.03.2020 - planned to end in two weeks

In the same time we are happy to announce NO ONE in our company is sick, thankfully not even flue :)

In theese hard and trying times we wish you all good health and happines!


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